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We are registered with the relevant authorities and licensed to carry out construction services. We also comply with all environmental and local authorities’ regulation during our service delivery. We provide high quality construction materials so that the shaker cabinets installed in your kitchen last for a longer time. We are commitment to supporting cabinet manufacturers with the highest quality products, the most ethical business practices and we have the best record for complete and on-time delivery in the business.


Salient features

At Shaker Cabinet Guys we have your lifestyle in mind. We help transform your dream for the centerpiece of your home into reality. We will create a space that feels great for the first cup of coffee, works well as you cook for your family and friends and impresses the casual observer. We understand that no matter how nice your kitchen looks if it does not function well for your needs you will not be happy with it and for this reason we approach each design with primary considerations function, budget and unique features. We make sure your kitchen is not only appealing but also functional.


Material used in construction

Shaker style means simple lines and functionality. shaker cabinets can be constructed using materials such as:

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Beads and Dips; bead board is a typical building material used for constructing shaker cabinets. Bead boards can take on various styles and it always has vertical lines which may be spaced in many ways. The lines may be cut into the face of the door or raised up from the surface of the wood which brings out shaker door style. Bead board is very common in shaker cabinets.

Framed; shaker cabinet style is not complete without an external framework. I t is one and a half to two inch wide perimeter frame around the cabinet doors and jambs. The frame is added directly to the front to inset the door or jamb and this adds relief to any bead board inside the frame. Occasionally vertical pieces of framework are added to bead board doors in a grid pattern which further makes the shaker look more intent in terms of simplicity.

Shaker finishes; often feature white enamel paint rather than stain with a clear finish. Though the white paint is common on shaker cabinets. The general outcome should be light and not dark but if the bead board or external frame is there, cabinets of any color will reflect a shaker heritage.

shaker cabinets can also be made of wood, wood shaker cabinets are made of wood include cherry wood and oak shaker cabinets. Wood shaker cabinets are easy to install and remodel and therefore it is affordable to have then in your kitchen.

At Shaker Cabinet Guys cheap shaker cabinets are offered. We also offer a big selection of styles and colors and you will get fast delivery to your home. At our store you can get the best shaker cabinets and you are assured of high quality supplies. Contact us on 888-411-6170 and we will help you have the best shaker kitchen cabinets.

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