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The Shaker Cabinet Guys is the leading service provider when it comes to matters dealing with shaker cabinets. The solid simplicity of the shakers continues in the designs they have inspired. A shaker cabinet allows the space to feel open, airy and functional because they are neat and organized. Our experts will help you in the designing phase and they will give you the best craftsmanship so that the shaker cabinets you want in your kitchen meets and exceeds your expectations.

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We have been in the business for quite a long time and our experts are well trained and equipped. We also pride of the best customer service in the industry, we help you come up with the best shaker cabinetry in your kitchen so that you make the most from your money. Our team of professionals

Why shaker cabinets

Shaker cabinets are so popular because of their classic and simple look. Shaker cabinets are very versatile when it comes to design and you may have rustic, traditional or modern kitchen. They look elegant and sophiscated because of the simple clean lines which are unobtrusive to your eye. Shaker cabinets have their origin from the 1770s from a religious movement whose idea was to create simple and functional furniture with clean lines. Shaker cabinets are characterized by plainness and practically have flat panel doors with rail frames. They are mainly focused on functionality and with their minimalist look they actually blend in as perfectly in modern kitchen as in the traditional designs.

Shaker cabinets are also durable and lasts for long; shaker cabinets are made of high quality natural wood and most often they are left with natural wood finish or can be stained or even painted. They are also common features in most kitchens because they offer an airy feeling and when combined with light granite countertops and modern stainless steel appliances the outcome is stunning. Durability of this cabinetry ensures that you have the best service for a long time.

Shaker cabinets also have the styles you love and the quality you demand at the very affordable prices. Our cabinets are ideal for use in multi-unit housing buildings. Whichever occupation you are in whether you are a contractor, developer, woodworking professional and you are looking for excellent quality cabinets that are at fair prices contact Shaker Cabinet Guys on 888-411-6170 and we will attend to your housing requirements in an effortless manner. We provide a pleasant a one stop experience to our customers by providing the most elegant, artistic, useful and accessible kitchen and home products. Our customer service will attend to your needs and you are assured of an ideal complete project for your shaky cabinetry.

Another advantage of having shaky cabinets is that upgrading is very easy and this is to homeowners who intend to stay in their houses for a loner time. Also for people who are planning on selling their houses to suit the demands of their buyers.

For more services and information about shaky cabinets contact us on 888-411-6170 and all your needs will be attended to in an effortless manner.

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